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3 Superfoods That Allow You To Enjoy Healthy Meals Everyday

Vegan Superfood, High Energy Breakfast Recipe as the name is loaded with nutrients, keeps you energetic for long hours and is colorful and enjoyable! Made with unrefined oats, seeds and nuts, and topped with unsweetened yoghurt, fresh fruit and nutrient-rich nut butter, it will keep you feeling pepped up all day. Superfood smoothie made with the acai berry and orange purslane, or a variation with the acai berry and maple syrup, is another delicious choice. Other favourites include carrot, apple, pear and beetroot, asparagus, chickpeas and beetroot. You will find here more information on the many  delicious combinations as well. 

A superfood list is not complete without including some delicious vegan ice creams to cool down on those hot summer days! They are very refreshing and flavorful, making them a must try if you are looking for a refreshing treat to quench your thirst. These flavourful vegan ice creams are so tasty that you can have several sachets! One of my favourite ice cream flavours is cashew nut.

Another superfood is chia seeds, which are renowned for their high soluble fibre content, amino acid co-factor (VCO), essential fatty acids, mineral potassium, pyridoxal and quercetin which are essential to good health and help in preventing Alzheimer's and dementia. Chia seeds contain approximately 40 different bioactive compounds which are known to have positive effects on the brain. An excellent source of proteins and fiber, chia seeds improve your brain function and prevent depression. Studies have shown that this superfood effects are due to the fact that chia seeds increase serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin is known as a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, appetite, sleep, aggression, anxiety, sexual behavior and mood. There are numerous beneficial effects associated with the use of chia seeds.

If you're looking for an easy vegan recipe for breakfast, you can't go wrong with a delicious and filling cashew oatmeal recipe. This delicious vegan breakfast treat packs full of protein, healthy carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre. You will feel full and satisfied throughout the whole day. A great energy boost is provided by this delicious vegan recipe.

If you like smoothies but you don't like the cream, you can substitute your favorite smoothie ingredient for chia seeds. They are both a great way to get essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and nutrients into your diet. Chia Seeds adds a lot of protein, antioxidants and fibre to a smoothie. They also have the added benefits of being a natural sweetener. The benefits of a smoothie make it a great cure for morning sickness, indigestion, allergies, headaches and many other health problems.

If you love salads but are tired of veggies, you should give a hemp seeds and coconut oil salad dressing a try. This delicious salad dressing uses ingredients to create an extremely healthy yet vibrant taste. There are no fats or oils used in this salad dressing and it tastes delicious. This is another superfood salad you can prepare whenever you like. It packs lots of nutrients, provides plenty of antioxidants and is a delicious and satisfying meal. This delicious homemade salad dressing tastes so good that people will think you're having the best salad ever.  For more understanding of this article, visit this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veganism.

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